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General Dentistry SuppliesUnlike cosmetic dentistry, which focuses mostly on the look and aesthetic appearance of your teeth and how they can affect your overall facial appearance, general dentistry is more concerned with your overall dental and oral health. This includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a number of dental diseases, disorders, and conditions that can seriously affect your health. While general dentistry is usually thought to relate to the teeth and gums only, dentists can also treat issues that affect other areas of the jaw and face as well.

General dentistry is intended to be a preventive practice. In order to ensure this, the American Dental Association recommends that patients maintain a regular schedule of bi-annual checkup visits to their dentist from the time their first tooth appears. Not only does this allow your dentist to be sure that you are following proper dental hygiene practices, they will also be able to perform important regular screenings for oral cancer and other serious dental problems that may arise. During a regular dental checkup, your dentist will perform important procedures such as regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, and general health evaluations including checking for signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

Your teeth and gums can provide vital clues to your overall health in other areas as well. Teeth and gums that are in poor condition can indicate  problems with diet and possible other illnesses. In addition, your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Poor dental health and hygiene can result in the spread of dangerous germs and bacteria that can cause you to become ill in addition to damaging your teeth and gums. The well-trained and professional staff at the office of Roger L. Gillespie, DDS is committed to helping you maintain excellent dental health that can help you keep the rest of your body healthy as well.