Dental Exams

Regular dental exams should be performed a minimum of every six months in order to ensure you maintain optimum dental and oral health. Ordinarily, dental exams aren’t painful, and there is no reason to feel any fear or trepidation when scheduling a regular appointment. Unfortunately, many people put off their appointments until they notice a serious issue such as a cavity or tooth decay. Buy keeping regular appointments, you can usually avoid these unpleasant dental issues.

What to expect during your dental exam:

During your regular exam, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, evaluating your overall dental health and determining whether or not your oral hygiene practices are effective. If deficits are noticed in this area, he will help instruct you in proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as any other practices you might need to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. If any dental health issues such as tooth decay, stains, and dental root issues are found, your dentist will create a personalized treatment plan to ensure you have the best oral health possible. They may perform a regular cleaning and take x-rays of your teeth, gums, and underlying bone structure as well. One important thing that will be done during your regular bi-annual exam is an oral cancer screening. While this is one of the lesser-known form of the disease, it is believed that as many as 42,000 Americans suffer some form of oral cancer each year.

Preventive care is the key to ensuring you maintain good oral and dental health. In order to ensure you are getting the best and timeliest preventive care, as well as early treatment for any issues that do arrive, call Roger L. Gillespie today at 310-325-4155 to schedule your regular bi-annual dental exam. Don’t take chances with your health; call today and keep your smile looking as good as possible.