Digital X-rays

Digital X-RayIn the past, dentists had to use film x-rays in order to get a good look at your teeth and jaw. These traditional methods required far greater exposure to radiation for the patient, and a number of toxic and caustic chemicals needed to be mixed and stored in your dentist’s office. Today, digital x-rays provide both a safer and faster way for your dentist to assess your overall oral health. This is excellent for patients who don’t have a lot of time to wait for x-rays to develop, and for busy dental offices who want to take care of their patients as quickly as possible.

Using digital x-rays eliminates the need for dangerous film development chemicals in your dentist’s office, and requires 90% less exposure to radiation. Your dentist or their dental assistant will place a miniature camera inside your mouth where it will take pictures of the bone structure surrounding your teeth, the teeth and teeth structure, roots and your gums. There is no wait while the x-rays are developed; your dentist can view the x-rays almost immediately. This allows for faster identification of any oral health issues that may need correction, allowing us to treat you far more quickly than more traditional x-ray methods. In addition, you may be able to view your x-rays right along with your dentist, leading to more open discussion between dentist and patient, and giving you a more thorough understanding of your own oral and dental health.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

One of the largest benefits of digital x-rays is that making copies for dental records and insurance purposes is much easier. This allows us to notify your insurance company more quickly of issues requiring treatment getting you approved for the necessary coverage as soon as possible. Waiting for dental treatments can be uncomfortable and even painful; digital x-rays can help cut down on that time, ensuring that we can get your smile back to its healthiest state as soon as possible.

If you have questions on our use of digital x-rays, or for more information, please call the office of Roger L. Gillespie, DDS today at 310-325-4155 for a consultation. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our process and procedures for taking x-rays.