Dental Bridges

Dental BridgesWhen you lose one of your permanent teeth, whether due to injury or some other cause, it is more than just an appearance issue. Over time, your other teeth can shift in order to fill the space, eventually coming out of their sockets. This can be a serious and painful experience, and lead to the loss of other teeth as well.  A dental bridge is a more natural feeling and attractive alternative to a partial denture in some cases, and can be an excellent way to replace any permanent tooth or teeth that you have lost.

Procedures for Dental Bridgework

Your dental bridge will require two office visits; during the first, your dentist will ensure the teeth on either side of the bridge are healthy and strong. This is important, because these teeth with serve as anchors that will hold the new bridge in place. If necessary, a special dental agent may be applied to strengthen these teeth if necessary. If this isn’t necessary, and the teeth are already strong and healthy, the anchoring teeth will be prepared for a crown that will be fit over then and attached to the new dental bridge. Next your dentist will take a mold of the area where the missing teeth are and make a temporary bridge to fill the gap until the permanent bridge is returned from the laboratory. Once the permanent bridge is returned, it will be thoroughly checked to ensure proper fit before being cemented into place.

Candidates for Dental Bridges

If your missing tooth or teeth is surrounded by mostly healthy teeth, you are most likely a good candidate for a dental bridge. If, however, your gap is surrounded by very unhealthy or decayed teeth, or if you do not yet have your full set of permanent teeth in place, you will most likely need a different form tooth replacement.

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, and feel that you are a good candidate for a dental bridge, call the office of Roger L. Gillespie, DDS immediately for an appointment. We can help get your bridge made and allow you to have a full and natural-feeling smile once more as quickly as possible